Statement of Mission, Philosophy, and Nature of the School

Our Mission

Holy Angels Catholic School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment in the Catholic tradition. Our mission is to encourage our students to realize their full spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical potential, and to empower them to become positive citizens within the community.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Catholic School Education, based upon the National Catechetical Directory and the pastoral To Teach As Jesus Did, stresses the responsibility of the Catholic School in the total teaching mission of the church. Christian formation is a lifetime responsibility which requires various experiences of formal and informational religious education for every member of the Catholic Community.

Although education is primarily the responsibility of the family, we as faculty share this responsibility; we build upon the development and training the children receive at home. Holy Angels Catholic School endeavors to educate its students in their total growth: spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical. We believe religion is an integrating force, and therefore, religion is incorporated into all aspects of the child’s development. Holy Angels Catholic School provides a Catholic-centered Christian education that is sensitive to religion, ethnic heritage, students, family structure, and school processes. All students will participate fully in the religious activities and celebrations of Holy Angels Catholic School.

Archdiocese of Baltimore Mission

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore provide a Christ-centered education that is academically excellent and empowers students to reach their full potential –spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and morally. Fostered through robust collaboration among all stakeholders, the mission is accomplished through accountable leadership at all levels, ongoing and coordinated strategic planning, centralized efficiencies, and financial sustainability.

Religious Nature of the School

The religious nature of the school has four components: word, worship, community, and service. The proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ is the central purpose of Holy Angels Catholic School. The Gospel message permeates our entire academic curriculum and is evident in all relationships within our school community. Worship as a community strengthens our relationship to God and to each other. Through daily prayer, monthly class Masses, and prayer services, the entire school community celebrates its unity in Jesus Christ. Religion class is an academic requirement. All students participate in Mass and Prayer Services.

Academic Nature of the School

Holy Angels Catholic School provides an organized, sequential academic curriculum in a strong physical and psychological environment for the education and development of the total child. We provide the structure through which the child can develop his/her potential to the fullest and achieve a solid structure of basic skills.